Better living - sofas and armchairs
Better living

sofas and armchairs

Imagine yourself lying on the grass under the leafy branches of a tree. Few situations give such intense and true pleasure. That’s because looking afar, towards the sky, immersed in nature, is what we were born, for even if we often forget it. A tree is part of the present and also the past and life which is regenerated season after season. A tree also embodies a perfect design project: it unites form, function, memory, future, meaning, dream and wellbeing. It lasts forever and adapts to changes. And the forest – the coming together of lots of trees – is like a wonderful home, which protects yet liberates, pacifies, helps to think, doubt, understand, dream.

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Better dreaming - NEW STYLE ICONS
Better dreaming


This complete, comprehensive and flexible bed collection embodies the values of the Twils brand: sophisticated and exclusive design, top-quality raw materials, perfectly matching textures and colours, bespoke tailored workmanship. Aesthetic and functional research come together in the unique, constantly evolving creative process to give shape to new style icons.

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Single bed range - WHAT MORE CAN WE SAY?
Single bed range


Twils ranges: the largest and most versatile Xion of products that gives free rein to your creativity and meets all your functional needs, thanks to the modular elements that offer endless composition options. Now you can optimise space, have fun with shapes and create a friendly open atmosphere during the day that becomes private and comfortable at night. With style, common sense and imagination.

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Bed linen and Accessories -
Bed linen and Accessories

Twils makes upholstered products of the finest quality, all strictly hand sewn. As well as many useful, brightly coloured and functional accessories, all designed to make your life easier, more enjoyable and more creative. Thanks to our passion and experience, we have started a new tradition: ours.

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Bed bases & Mattresses -
Bed bases & Mattresses

Choosing the right bed base and mattress will ensure your comfort and well-being. Our bed bases, which all have beech slats, are selected to meet the findings of the latest ergonomics studies into how our body weight should be correctly distributed. All our mattresses, whether they are in memory foam, latex, orthopaedic or with pocket springs, are produced using the best technologies and raw materials to ensure a good night’s sleep. So much more than just accessories, they are a world of well-being just waiting to be discovered.

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