Poufs and benches

Poufs and benches

Poufs and benches provide that extra touch of elegance and functionality.

They offer extra seating in the living room or hallway, in the bedroom they’re perfect for placing all manner of items on them, and they can coordinate effortlessly with the room’s other fabric elements. They adorn any area with their essential lines and make any unoccupied space more inviting, turning it into a place of comfort and relaxation: a calming spot to pause and regenerate. Twils offers a variety of models, with a range of different styles and features: from the classic right through to modern, essential pieces.

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Pouf for living areas

In the world of accessory furniture pieces, the Twils pouf is the exemplar of versatility, able to slide effortlessly into any living space within the home.

They take up just the right amount of space, they’re colourful, pleasing, and can serve a multitude of functions. Equally adept for placing all manner of items or as a comfy seat, they embellish any space with their essential shape. The softness of the round version means it seems to take on the characteristic shape of a tablet, whilst the square version has a cambered, edgeless appearance. The choice of upholstery is an opportunity to define the style of one's living area, rendering any unoccupied space more inviting, with a simple piece that has a minimal footprint. Twils poufs are available in a wide range of sizes.

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