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The Twils furniture cushions, in all their shapes and sizes, are a highly decorative element that enhance the sense of relaxation and comfort.

The cushion is the classic complement for any sofa or armchair; soft and colourful, they're adept at changing our perception of the space, thus making the living area warmer and more inviting.

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The Twils decorative bedroom cushions are essential for helping create an ambience of cosiness and sophistication.

The highest quality fabrics, strictly Made in Italy, natural yarns to ensure your maximum comfort, as well as exclusive patterns and prints to match your unique style.

The incredible variety of models available makes matching them with your furniture a mere walk in the park, sure to add a touch of uniqueness to your room, and thanks to the possibility to customise the fillings, maximum comfort is guaranteed.
Twils uses only fine, natural materials offering unparalleled softness.

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Roll cushions

The roll cushion is an accessory that performs a functional as well as decorative role. It serves as a comfortable support for a snug evening watching television or reading; used on a sofa it can function as an armrest or backrest.

The Twils roll cushion comes in two versions: smooth for a more contemporary look, or a more romantic design with the ends of the fabric curled, folded and held in place by a matching textile button.

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