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Be-Max is a bed with 4 different bed models, designed to provide comfortable, beautiful and practical solutions to optimise space, play with the imagination, and create an environment to share with friends during the day, intimate and comfortable at night.

Be-Max is customisable and able to adapt to every need and, above all, to every age.

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Mod. 2

A bed that beats them all for simplicity and practicality and that is suitable for all ages but perfect for kids. Thanks to the handy swivel castors, it is easy to move about and make, because the backrest is mounted on the wall and never gets in the way.

Simple ideas that make our lives easier. Two practical fabric-covered guards are easy to mount and guarantee the safety of our little ones as they sleep.

Be Max has been created to last and accompany us through life.
As we grow, the world around us changes, but it will always be our benchmark.

Mod. 5

A sofa caught between the past and present, in a classic style but with contemporary proportions, just as much at home in the bedroom as in the living room.

Some styles never go out of fashion. It’s lovely to stop and take in the details of a stylish object, appreciate its workmanship, think of the clever hands that made it. Because we know those objects are designed to last.

Mod. 8

The unmistakable shape of Mod. 8 with the flawless proportions of Max.
This bed can be placed up against the wall, in a corner or even freestanding. It looks gorgeous from any point of view because, like all Twils models, all its visible and invisible details have a bespoke tailored finish.

With Be Max Mod. 8 you can break out of the mould with a bed that is ultra-comfy during the day to sit on, read and daydream.
Be Max, be free.

Transformable beds

Aesthetics, design and functionality, the winning combination forming the cornerstone of the Twils transformable beds, solutions to increase the available space within the bedroom.
The widest and most versatile range of solutions, inspiring creativity and fulfilling the functional needs of any living space, with remarkable modularity capable of generating multiple configurations for an infinite number of home living possibilities.

The Twils transformable beds are designed to optimize space, play with shapes, and create a home environment that provides space for sharing during the day, but which become intimate and comfortable when transformed into a sleeping area at night. All with a touch of style, functionality and, of course, imagination.

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