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The bed becomes a project

A bedroom isn't just for sleeping. The bedroom is a space for relaxation, for reflection, for reading: the most private place in the home, the place for dreaming.
It’s necessary to see our bedroom as a place that reflects who and what we are.
It’s for these very reasons that Twils pays the utmost attention to every single detail.

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Sommier beds

A sommier bed is the perfect solution for creating your ideal space: an aesthetic exercise in getting the best possible night’s sleep.

The elegant, clean lines of sommier beds derive from a sophisticated design that’s capable of adapting to a variety of interior design needs and preferences.

The sommier beds available in the Twils catalogue integrate perfectly with a range of other Twils products, making the bedroom a place of pure relaxation where all your dreams, aspirations and desires can finally come true.

Discover our sommier beds

Removable cover

All our sommieres have removable covers except for models with Capitonné or leather upholstery.

Available on 3 sides

To make it easier to combine with boiseries or wall headboards, our upholstered sommiers are available only on three sides to avoid unattractive spaces.


Fabrics, colours, inclination of feet design your sommier bed. Endless possibilities dedicated to the contract world.

Choose bed base

Our sommiers leave the choice between the fixed bed base, the Twils bed bases in the catalogue or the Box Spring solution.


Designed to make the bed even more comfortable, delivering an unparalleled feeling of lightness. Available in orthopaedic (“Bonnell” spring) or anatomical (pocket spring) versions. The bottom of the base is made of 30 mm plywood, perforated to enable ventilation; the foam is 40 density Aquatech; the entire base is covered with a removable cover that can be washed at 60°. The perfect base for the perfect rest, a system conceived thanks to the Twils know-how in creating beds that guarantee a great night’s sleep.


Boiserie headboards

This modular wall with panels of different sizes and textures makes it possible to design your very own bedroom. In reality, the boiserie is more than just a headboard, it’s a wall to be designed, piece by piece, to satisfy your creative whims.

The panels that make up the boiserie are available in a variety of different versions: plain or capitonné, fabric or leather, enabling you to mix and match to your heart’s desire to achieve the interior design of your dreams.

Discover our boiserie headboards

Removable cover

All our boiseries have removable covers except for models with capitonné or leather.


Discover combinations, even asymmetrical ones, and modules that allow you to compose endless customised walls.


Adding a shelf, a socket or a light point becomes easy thanks to the design freedom provided by Twils.


Create the graphic and geometric compositions you want in a tailored manner thanks to the infinite choice of fabrics and colours.

Wall-mounted headboards

In the composition of a sleeping area, the wall-hung headboard is a solution that makes it easy to characterise the wall.

Different shapes, colours and sizes, also made-to-measure, generate a wide range of solutions, which can be removable depending on the fabric and workmanship.

wall-mounted headboards

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