Matteo Ragni


Spending your time in a timeless dimension. Perfectly balanced between elegance and informality, sitting on a sofa that dictates the style rather than just follow it. T—Time combines freedom and rigour in an ideal line for those who seek both the classic and the contemporary in a single piece.

T—Time acts as a bridge that unites opposing lifestyles. That is another reason why it is a timeless piece of furniture.

design: Matteo Ragni

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The seat cushion with three different densities of foarm and feather-filled wrap, plus the backrest in feathers and non-allergenic polyester fibre make T—Time an extremely versatile sofa, which can be rearranged to create the number of seats you want – a very rare feature in a classically inspired piece.

Matteo Ragni

Matteo Ragni was born in Milan in 1972. He graduated in Architecture from the Milan Polytechnic. Since 1994 he has been designing and working in the most diverse areas of industry and craftsmanship, with an interest increasingly focused on design aimed at combining function and typological innovation.

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