Boiserie Marlene

Silvia Prevedello

Boiserie Marlene

This modular wall with panels of different sizes and textures means you can design your very own bedroom. Boiserie Marlene gives free rein to your creativity.

Different upholstery materials (fabrics and leathers) can be chosen and colours can also be mixed and matched for the individual panels. The upholstered shelf adds a touch of functionality to Marlene and lights can be incorporated as desired.

design: Silvia Prevedello

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Capitonné or smooth? Or both? Boiserie Marlene isn't a headboard, but a wall to be designed, piece by piece, to satisfy your every whim.

The panels are available with a smooth finish or dainty, elaborate capitonné. Different upholstery materials (fabrics and leathers) can be chosen.

In its most essential incarnation, Boiserie Marlene is a modular panelled wall to be decked with lights and small accessories.

The modularity of the panels creates a soothing geometric rhythm. To be a large surface that lives independently of the bed, or a suspended headboard in fabric or leather.

Silvia Prevedello

Silvia Prevedello, a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Venice, has carved out a successful career combining product design aspects of the profession with her innate flair for the decorative arts, photography, and design.

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