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We were taught that less is more, but why give up generous shapes? Balmoral is the successful result of the challenge to make a sofa with a modern but not minimal design. Clear-cut, severe lines create welcoming shapes, which can be arranged in countless ways.

Sturdy and imposing yet agile at heart. Balmoral is like a frame: discreet, valued and distinctive, it outlines our loveliest moments. A potentially endless frame that can be extended at will to increase the available seating area.

design: Cairoli & Donzelli

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Cairoli & Donzelli

Since its establishment in 1992, the Cairoli & Donzelli studio has principally operated in the areas of product design and development, with a particular leaning towards furniture design, consultancy for the development and positioning of product collections, coordinated image development and researching new concepts for the repositioning and revitalisation of collections and companies, as well as interior design.

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