Boiserie Set

Studio Viganò

Boiserie Set

A modular system with different sized panels that offers endless personalisation options. 

The upholstery of each individual element can be chosen from the extensive Twils catalogue, to create an abstract composition of colours and different textures. Intelligent design delivers the ideal solution for an upholstered wall, thanks to the versatility of being able to choose your own elements and create your own unique space.

design: Studio Viganò

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An intelligent design that exalts the quality of Twils’s manufacturing expertise. Each section of the headboard is a blank canvass ready to be customized with different materials, colours and textures.

Boiserie Set can be developed on horizontal and vertical lines. A surface to be enriched with functional accessories such as shelves and LED lamp.

Studio Viganò

Giuseppe Viganò is an industrial designer of furniture pieces and an art director for several companies within the sector. As a designer, he has a creative spirit and a keen eye for beauty, which he draws upon and elucidates each time he works on a new project.

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