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Tudor is “comfort in a box”: an intelligent way to furnish little living spaces in workplaces or comfortable corners in the small living rooms of urban homes. Indulge in a little comfort while keeping things on a manageable scale. Holding up the cushions are metal feet that add a slender touch to the simple, understated outline.

The ample padding on the seat and backrest also extends onto the armrests: the real Achilles’ heel of any compact sofa. Robin Rizzini has dealt with this issue by designing a sweeping outline, with thinner padding that leaves plenty of room for the sizable seat cushions.”

design: Robin Rizzini

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Robin Rizzini

An Italian-British designer, he was born in Genoa in 1973. After a long experience in Antonio Citterio’s studio in Milan, he opened his first design studio in 2006. A few years later he co-founded and is Design Partner of Metrica studio in Milan. As of 2019 he returns to being an independent Designer.

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