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Max Capitonné

Max Capitonné is a classic in the Twils collection.

The capitonné finishing is an extraordinary invention. An ode to comfort transformed into a decorative piece, into an unalterable pattern of well-deserved relaxation. For certain crafts there’s no room for the luxury of technology, crafts that have remained unaltered throughout the centuries. Max Capitonné is a fitting tribute to the work and patience of expert hands.

design: R&D Twils

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Max Capitonné Basso

The low base provides the perfect counterpoise to the elegance of the head board’s button tufted upholstery. In this version, Max becomes an ultra contemporary bed that exalts the beauty of the craftsmanship.

With leather upholstery, the bed becomes an elegant, distinguished for a unique and timeless bedroom. A classic style, for any interior design.

Max Capitonné Alto

The headboard is the focal point and a celebration of elegant capitonné finishing. Towering above the pillows but slim in comparison, it be comes a sophisticated, dramatic and luxurious backdrop. Itss spirit, though, is young and contemporary.

The proportions and thicknesses are extended to thee bedstead, to create a lighter overall impression. An essential interpretation of the tufting, more contemporary and simple.

Max Capitonné Alto technical sheet

R&D Twils

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bedframe, storage box and base
mattress sizes (cm)
200x200, 193x203, 180x200, 170x200, 160x200, 153x203, 140x200

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