Opéra Fleur

Tiziano Carnieletto

Opéra Fleur

Our bed is like the stage at the theatre, a place where our dreams can come to life. That’s how we envisaged Opéra Fleur, with its elegant, minimal headboard whose delicate stitching is reminiscent of the soft folds of a curtain. Its generous size means the ‘wings’ at either side can be placed at different angles. When they are open, they are linear and dramatic. When facing inwards, they wrap the bed in their embrace.

The sheer size of the headboard is tempered by the overall lightness of the bed: the base appears to float, the feet are slender and the bedstead uncluttered.

design: Tiziano Carnieletto

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Opéra’s Fleur adjustable head board is perfect for those who, depending on the mood, would like to trans form the bed’s form and function with just one simple movement.

A backdrop that opens and closes, inspired by a theatre curtain. The upholstery stitching underlines the sartorial elegance and handcraft expertise used to apply the finishing touches.

Tiziano Carnieletto

Tiziano Carnieletto is a partner and the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Twils Srl, a family-owned company and leader in the furniture industry.
As well as serving as CEO, he personally oversees the creation of many of the products in the Twils collection.
His innate passion and curiosity are at the heart of his contribution to the world of design.

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Tecnical data

bedframe, storage box and base
mattress sizes (cm)
193x203, 180x200, 160x200, 153x203
with removable cover

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