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A substantial piece, purpose fully wide and comfortable. The fluidity of the profile envelops the ample proportions in a distinctly modern ensemble. The feet provide another hint as to the design language that embodies the entire collection: a formal yet clearly visible addition that gives Biggie its personality and character.

Much like for the sofa, armchair and lounge chair that form part of the same collection, the Biggie de sign revolves around the characteristic shell also in its bed version.

design: Luca Nichetto

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Padded means soft. Gentle, welcoming. Biggie has a gender, she’s feminine. This is apparent in the rationale of using a single mould, in the nearness of contrasting details, in the desire for an aesthetic that unites different cultures and ways of living. And in the shape of the bed: the gentle curve of the wooden structure, delicate, almost poetic.

“I was looking for a passepartout design. Not business nor residential. But rather, a composition that encompassed the formal details of both worlds.”
Luca Nichetto

Biggie is a complete collection: from bed to lounge chair, from armchair to sofa. A system composed of formal details that encompasses all of life’s essential moments.

“A new collection encapsulates every aspect of the brand. Twils is looking to evolve in terms of furniture for the living area. But it’s in the sleeping areas that its strengths lie. Biggie includes both: I wanted to create a fil rouge that combines and capitalizes on all the company’s expertise and experience.
I considered the structure of both the bed and the sofa. If you reduce them to the bare minimum, they are not too dis similar. A rigid structure which contains a soft element. So, first of all, I designed a shell, a structure which offers different possibilities, different solutions”.
Luca Nichetto

Biggie is a collection consisting of an original composition that finds its rationale in one simple observation: tastes and habits are governed by geography.

“Southern Europe loves modular sofas. The Centre, the North and the Far East, especially further north, prefer configurations consisting of two or three seats”.
Luca Nichetto

The Biggie aesthetic works in both free-standing mode and in the modular version. It’s based on a versatile, repetitive framework. But which can be configured to create different forms: the sofa, the bed, an ample chaise longue. It’s all there: north and south. Rationality, softness. As the name suggests, Biggie is an extensive collection.

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Luca Nichetto

A designer originally from Venice, he is active internationally and specializes in industrial design, product design and consulting.
His two studios are located in Venice – since 2006 – and in Sweden, in Stockholm – since 2011.

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