Mattresses and slatted bases

Comfort and well-being in one of the most important things a human ever does: sleep.


Always a vital decision: the correct choice of mattress ensures comfort and well-being in one of the most important things a human ever does: sleep. All Twils mattresses are created using the most advanced technologies and the highest quality materials, ensuring every night’s sleep is one of absolute rest and comfort.
Traditional or spring mattresses. Latex mattresses that perfectly adapt and conform to the shape of your body. Memory foam mattresses that use the body’s heat to take its shape. Beyond that, it’s just the extreme comfort of a Twils mattress: choose the one that’s perfect for you.
So much more than a simple accessory: a world of comfort and well-being just waiting to be enjoyed. The guarantee that comes with every Twils mattress is the symbol of our commitment.

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Wrapped Springs


Twils Filo Bamboo

Suitably treated bamboo produces an eco-compatible natural fibre that in the same way as silver can absorb and disperse odours and polluting gases, ensure good breathability, prevent the formation of mould and inhibit the proliferation of allergenic micro-organisms.
The yarn releases into the air negative ions that are essential for offsetting electro-magnetic waves generated by electric systems.

Medicott® Bielastic

Bielastic Comfort Stretch is an extremely comfortable highly elastic double sheet; it is obtained by an innovative manufacturing method and is ideal for new generation hi-tech mattresses.
The fibres can be washed repeatedly without losing their original shape, resistance and durability. The anti-bacterial qualities of silver have been known since ancient times; an increasing number of consumers know that Medicott® Bielastic Silver covers are ideal against allergies.
Covers and padding in Medicott® cotton exalt the characteristics of Twils mattresses: the exceptional softness of this material allows maximum freedom of movement, avoiding pressure on the nerve ends and facilitating blood circulation. Medicott® cotton also provides a natural shield against electro-magnetic waves and is tested for up to 250 washing cycles at 95 degrees.


The Härtegrade scale establishes the degree of mattress firmness. To ensure maximum comfort for all customers, Twils has created its own scale consisting of 4 degrees of firmness with increasing support:

H1 Supersoft is suitable for children, very slender people (<50 kg), anyone preferring a very soft mattress.
H2 is the standard degree of firmness of Twils mattresses, suitable for all.
H3 is suitable for anyone preferring a relatively firm mattress but who still wants comfort.
H4 is the firmest version, suitable for heavier people (>110 kg) or anyone preferring a mattress providing maximum support.

Soia memory touch

To see the effect of pressure on the skin, just press a finger on the back of your hand for a few seconds: the light colour you see indicates diminished blood circulation caused by the pressure. This could happen during the night if your body is lying on an unsuitable bed.
Soy Memory Touch is a polymer foam that ensures uniform pressure distribution because the mattress uses body heat to model itself perfectly to the body contours, providing great comfort. The bed base supports the spine properly, facilitating blood and lymph flow.
Due to their anatomical configuration, the layers of Memory Touch in the shoulder and hip regions prevent bed sores in bedridden people. All TWILS soy foams have a deformation rate of less than 1%.


Unbeatable comfort for a good night’s sleep.
Feel is a new-generation foam used in Twils mattresses and has revolutionised the world of beds, offering exceptional comfort, breathability and resilience. It yields to the body and does not deform thanks to:
– The new concept: the greater stability of the cells ensures total freedom of movement when resting, even after years of use.
– Its unparalleled comfort: its completely hydrophilic material can absorb up to four times the average amount of humidity.
– No pressure on the body: the mattress adapts perfectly to the person’s shape.
– Time is on your side: Feel retains all its characteristics, even after many years of use.


Aquatech® is innovative padding derived from a polymer and water mix and made exclusively for mattresses at the top end of the range.
Aquatech® acts like a natural sponge: the water used in its manufacture creates millions of minute holes through which the air filters to wick away humidity.
The special structure of Aquatech® gradually accommodates the shoulders, hips and heels and eases night-time stretching.
With Aquatech® changing position during the night is no longer a problem: he shoulder and lumbar regions are synchronized and sink into the mattress gradually, releasing valuable energy that is then used to support the lumbar vertebrae. In this way the spine maintains its natural posture during sleep.

High-quality bed bases

The hidden but essential element of any room that’s a place of rest and relaxation: the slatted bed base.
The Twils slatted bases, all with beech wood slats, are designed to comply with the most up-to-date ergonomic research into how a body’s weight should be correctly distributed, ensuring the healthiest and most comfortable night’s sleep.
Sleep is one of the fundamental ingredients of a healthy life; so, each Twils bed base ensures maximum comfort, perfect ergonomics and functionality, and can be seamlessly integrated with our entire collection of single and double beds.

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The slats used by Twils are made by overlaying 7 layers of prime quality beech wood, which are glued together, pressed and heat formed at 130°C.
There are 5 double slats in the lumbar region, connected by special firmness regulators that adapt by simply sliding outwards.
The corners are square, creating elegant aesthetics and the practical function of fully containing the bed.

Bases with manual or motorized head and foot end lift have synchronised movement to give total control of the firmness areas.

The anatomical supports also hold the slats to give maximum freedom of movement and make the base perfectly adaptable to any body weight.
Safe, practical engagement of the mechanism gas pistons: practical to fit, fluid movements, and rounded edges for guaranteed safety.
Recommended mattress weights to ensure the storage bases work correctly.


Designed to make the bed even more comfortable, delivering an unparalleled feeling of lightness. Available in orthopaedic (“Bonnell” spring) or anatomical (pocket spring) versions. The bottom of the base is made of 30 mm plywood, perforated to enable ventilation; the foam is 40 density Aquatech; the entire base is covered with a removable cover that can be washed at 60°. The perfect base for the perfect rest, a system conceived thanks to the Twils know-how in creating beds that guarantee a great night’s sleep.


mattresses and slatted bases

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