Side and coffee tables

Side and coffee tables

Side tables and coffee tables are decorative elements with a practical purpose that are capable of enhancing the comfort and look of any living space. Twils has designed these furniture pieces with simple, essential lines, enabling them to integrate seamlessly into any interior design whilst serving their functional purpose. A convenient surface to put items on near the sofa while you’re relaxing or faithful companions alongside the bed for stowing your things before it’s time to drift off to sleep.

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Side tables

Twils side tables are furniture pieces with a clean, essential design conceived to harmonize with any style of living space. Multifunctional by definition, they’re flexible interior design pieces that can be used in the living areas or alongside the bed as somewhere to place various items.

The end table serves as a practical surface whenever needed, especially as you’re ready for a precious moment of relaxation.

Coffee tables

Twils coffee tables are available in a variety of materials and colours, but always unique thanks to that distinct Made in Italy style that's synonymous with quality.

Useful, pleasing on the eye and easy to move, able to go wherever a small table surface is required. Ideal for the living room or even in the bedroom, where they can double as a unique bedside table.

Tables for Living area

The modern home demands flexibility, including in the smallest details, and durability.

Twils occasional tables are discreet companions to everyday life: a place to temporarily place books, magazines, cups or glasses, an ideal spot for your laptop, or somewhere to comfortably lean while chatting or watching a movie. Their meticulous design is based on the revival of archetypal forms interpreted to offer maximum customisation of the living spaces.

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