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Imagine yourself lying on the grass under the leafy branches of a tree. Few situations give such intense and true pleasure. That’s because looking afar, towards the sky, immersed in nature, is what we were born, for even if we often forget it.

A tree is part of the present and also the past and life which is regenerated season after season. A tree also embodies a perfect design project: it unites form, function, memory, future, meaning, dream and wellbeing. It lasts forever and adapts to changes. And the forest – the coming together of lots of trees – is like a wonderful home, which protects yet liberates, pacifies, helps to think, doubt, understand, dream.

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Irene Sartor

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Marco Tonet
Nicola Carpene
Simone De Gasperin

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Piero Carniel (Webkolm)
Ilaria Giglio