A—Box, storage beds

A-Box is an integrated storage container designed specifically for the Twils bed collection. A space-saving solution that enables the bed to "float", with a design that makes the feet disappear from view and offers 11 cm of clearance between the floor and the bed. Thanks to a specifically designed panel shape, the storage space under the mattress is surprisingly capacious and functional. This bed storage solution can be integrated into a wide range of Twils double beds, saving bedroom space whilst simultaneously offering elegance and functionality.

Tech sheet and accessories

Designed for people

Easily removable panels available (2 or 4), to make cleaning quick and easy. Sanforized fabric cover, to provide protection from dust.

Lightweight, solid

The minimum height from the floor is 11 cm for the A-BOX version. Reinforced pistons to lift the slatted base and mattress.

Spacious, invisible

The smallest option offers 400 litres of storage space (size 160 x 200 cm). Patented container system (A-BOX)

Storage beds

Each Twils storage bed is created to bring together design, practicality and functionality into a solution that makes the most of the bedroom space.
All Twils storage beds are seamlessly integrated throughout our collections to guarantee comfort and softness as you rest, whilst simultaneously providing a clever solution for storing bed linen, personal items or anything else that needs to be kept out of sight to leave the bedroom neat and tidy.

In addition to their utility as storage units, Twils storage beds also stand out for their elegant design capable of adapting to different decorative tastes and completing the bedroom’s unique atmosphere.

Tech sheet and accessories


The most suitable choice for those who need a lot of storage space. Maximum capacity 600 litres.


Tested for 45,000 openings, more than 40 years. Load distributed over the panels 80 kg. The structure is self-supporting without central feet.


Cleaning under the storage base. Double moving system: allows to set the bed without lowering.

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