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Are you an architect or designer looking for inspiration and solutions to perfect your furniture projects?
Twils is here to help you turn your ideas into reality.

The configurator

We’ve developed our configurator to bring your ideas to life. With our planner each product can be customised with a combination of fabrics and compositions, it then generates a preview that can be presented to clients, and subsequently put into production.

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Collaborative Designing KIT

During the design process it’s important to be able to touch our materials and create compositions based on the actual textures and colours available in our range of samples. To this end, we provide a kit which consists of a trolley with fabric samples, a materials sample book, our photo catalogues and the price lists.
Tell us about your project and we’ll see how we can use our tools and expertise to give you all the help you need.

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Twils wanderlust

Our beds and sofas are created in Cessalto (Treviso) where the expertise of our skilled workers is fused with the ideas of our designers. We’ve put together this tour to enable people to witness the technical creation of our products first-hand, touching the hidden luxury that sets us apart.

In addition to the production plant, there’s also a 800m2 showroom where clients can discover the full range of Twils products.

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Have you put together a project using a Twils product?

Share your project with Twils and let’s work together to transform your visions into unique, fascinating spaces.
Find out how to submit your material so it can be shared on our social media channels, and be selected to become an inspiration on our website.

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Check out the Catalogues

We’ve created a range of simple tools to help you discover the true soul of Twils. To get to know us better, we suggest you download these first 3 tools, the bed/dreaming catalogue, the living catalogue, and our fabric sample collection, lose yourself in our vast range of fabrics and colours.

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