Hand Made

Twils, satisfaction guaranteed


There is a spontaneous cause/effect rapport between the undeniable quality of Twils products and consequent customer satisfaction. We have always believed that consumers are more informed than is thought, and are able to appreciate both the aesthetic value of a product (that is often the first reason for a given choice) and its invisible qualities, the things that make it reliable: its intrinsic value. 


We share the increasingly popular orientation towards a “short supply chain”, privileging recyclable natural raw materials. The concepts of uniqueness
and exclusivity of products made in Italy are deeply rooted in our minds;
we have always created top quality textiles, all hand sewn, without exception. With a range that includes over 300 configurations, over 400 upholstery textiles, more than 200 variants of bed linen and over 200 types of accessories, customizing the product to cater for the individual needs

of customers becomes a stimulating creative game. 

Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail


The TWILS production process preserves intact all the characteristics of craft work, or rather of “sartorial skill”, according to our favourite definition. The evolution of each single order is based on an efficient computerised database in real time, but the making of each component is entraste to the manual skills and experience of our workers. 


Adopting the principles of “lean production” we carefully avoid investing resources of whatever nature if they are not aimed at creating value for the customer. Lean manufacturing considerably increases attention on each individual step in the production cycle, eliminating waste and possible defects. This is a dynamic view of productivity, which reduces inventory to the essential and eliminates the “grey areas” that cause most quality problems.