Certified quality

Certified quality

Twils adopts the principles of lean manufacturing, investing resources only when their objective is to create value for its customers. The world of beds also pays great attention to accessories: bed bases, mattresses, bed linen, all of which are created and selected by Twils to guarantee top quality and an excellent night’s sleep for our customers.

The company is ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified (certificate number IT15/0312). 

Quality Policy Statement.

The prime aim of the company TWILS S.r.l. is to achieve in the near future full satisfaction of all those who, either directly or indirectly, play a part in the established cycle of activity (Clients - Employees - Suppliers).

The company believes that only through top Quality in both services and products can a leading market position be achieved.

TWILS S.r.l. has therefore based its Quality Management System (QMS) on the following essential requirements:

  1. Direct, continuous and permanent commitment by General Management in managing the QMS.
  2. Direct and permanent cooperation by all personnel at all levels to reach the objective (Quality in both services and product).
  3. Customer relations based on maximum cooperation, always and in any case trying to effectively assess all the requests so as to give quick and appropriate answers and solutions for the issues raised.
  4. Supplier relations developed to create a sense of cooperation to improve the quality of the purchased product and services.
  5. Continual and constant improvement of the Catalogues, Price Lists and Fabric Samples with a view to providing a constantly up-to-date and user-friendly sales aid to the Client.
  6. Improvement of the product and its production process in all stages, keeping all the internal and external non-conformities under constant control so as to implement the necessary corrective actions.

Aware of the important role played by human resources, special attention has been paid to the training and development of all personnel.

The QMS of TWILS S.r.l. is compliant with the requirements of the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:15.

The General Management has made a constant effort to ensure that this standard is known and applied throughout the company.