Acquatech e Soy Memory Touch Mattresses

To sleep on a Soy Memory Touch mattress is an extremely special experience.
Traditional mattresses respond to pressure exerted by body weight by pushing upwards;
Memory reduces this thrust to a minimum, the mattress adapts its contour through the heat transmitted by the body and gradually absorbs the weight, forming a sort of “print” of the person lying on it. Naturally breathable, Memory is very comfortable also in terms of heat regulation.

Aquatech® is an innovative padding made of a polymer and water mix and used for mattresses at the top of the range. Aquatech® acts on the principles of natural sponge: air filters through millions of minute holes, expelling humidity. With Aquatech® changes of position during sleep are drastically reduced due to its intrinsic
capacity to keep the natural configuration of the spine intact.

Download the mattresses technical sheet 

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