Studio Balutto Associati

Balutto Associati is an atelier that’s constantly abuzz, a halfway house between a creative studio and a production workshop. It was originally established by Adriano Balutto, and in recent years he’s been joined by his daughter, the architect Veronica Balutto. The studio’s work is founded on creating forms, as well as devising stylistic, production and marketing strategies for leading companies in the furniture and chair sectors, making a telling contribution to their global success. Its activities are primarily oriented towards designing interiors, furniture, components and other accessories for leading companies in the furniture industry. A proactive company that’s always at the cutting edge, it also provides consultancy on the latest trends and sector developments. An extensive portfolio of designs, projects, and lines of furniture accessories for domestic use, integrated projects for office and hospitality environments, as well as displays for exhibition spaces, showrooms and fairs. Balutto Associati has won several prestigious international awards but never rests on its laurels, constantly advancing in the quest for new evolutionary and cultural trends capable of stimulating their tireless creativity.

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