Beatriz Sempere

Beatriz Sempere was born in Alicante, Spain, in 1975 and studied industrial design in Valencia. She has participated in numerous competitions receiving many awards and commendations. She attended a footwear design course at the Centro de Educación Tecnológica and later created designs for an array of major companies. However, her true passion is the home and the study of liveability as an essential quality for a fulfilling life. She therefore devoted herself to creating forms capable of complementing the architecture of interior spaces. In 2000, she moved to Italy where she continued designing furniture pieces, bringing Spanish tradition into elegant, harmonious designs that are simultaneously linear and geometric. Today, she collaborates with many well-known figures from the design world as well as with several companies, for whom she fulfils the role of product artistic director. For Beatriz, design is expression, visual communication, an aesthetic language whose purpose is to create spaces where the person takes centre stage. Her ultimate goal is to excite, and to do so by creating objects that are apparently different, but which are linked by essence and homogenized through precise, functional technology. Beatriz appeals to a diverse audience, always maintaining a sense of clarity and simplicity in her designs.  She’s a romantic at heart and this is what brings her designs to life.

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