Quiet relaxation on the lake

Salò, Garda Lake

In this stunning villa in the town of Salò, the glow of natural light streams through the bedroom’s large windows.

The gaze can freely turn towards the outside extending into the distance, where the sky’s ethereal blue merges into the waters of Lake Garda to create a sense of infinity.

Book’s large headboard resembles an open book: the perfect backrest for lovers of evening reading. In this dreamlike room, Twils plays with elegant combinations of fabric and leather in shades of grey and blue. Roll cushions and cushions further enhance the space and define its style by striking an effortless balance with the other interior elements.

The Fizz table was chosen for this design, inspired by the iconic shape of a Martini glass: an invitation to enjoy a moment of pure pleasure. To alter the perspective whilst reading, the Adele Sweet armchair has also been added, with its brick red colour it warms the room and delineates a separate space for peace, quiet and ultimate relaxation.

Tavolino Fizz


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structure: fabric Avignone E45
col. 812 cat. K
folder: leather Touch E51
col. 001 cat. Plus

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Irene Sartor

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Marco Tonet
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Piero Carniel (Webkolm)
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