A harmony of contrasts


Here we find ourselves in the heart of Brescia, in a bright loft space with a distinctly industrial style.

Iron and concrete come together to breathe life into a typically modern space, with large windows blurring the boundaries between the living and sleeping areas to make way for a labyrinth of possibilities.

In this design, Twils plays with typically urban elements by creating a clever juxtaposition between them and the Sail leather upholstered bed. Its natural, warm feel combines freely with the precision of the other materials: a fascinating contrast where modernity and nature seek a workable equilibrium.

Sail’s lofty headboard is gently curved which creates a sharp contrast with the precise lines of the space’s modern architecture. The double bed was customized specifically for this design with warm-toned leather upholstery and matching pure linen bedding. Sail’s metal details help maintain a boldness which dovetails nicely with the other typically industrial materials in the space. The cushions and throw add subtle hints of colour to underscore the balance the interior design has struck through its harmony of contrasts.

A pair of Fizz occasional tables, inspired by the modern ritual of the aperitif, adds an extra touch of lightness. Two Quadrato pouffes at the foot of the bed loiter as islands of softness: discreet in form but still highly practical.

Tavolino Fizz


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leather Silk D71
col. 005 cat. Plus

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Panchetta Coffer

Pouf Quadrato

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