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Maya es una cama extraíble con 8 programas de cama diferentes para una elección personalizada adaptada a cada necesidad.

La modularidad del programa Maya permite infinitas configuraciones. Para optimizar el espacio, jugar con la imaginación, crear un ambiente para compartir con los amigos durante el día, íntimo y confortable por la noche.

design: R&D Twils

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Mod. 5

A great solution for the bedroom, but for the living area too.
During the day Maya Mod. 5 is a comfortable sofa, in the evening it quickly transforms into a practical bed. Just remove the backrests and roll cushions and you’re set.

When it’s time to transform it, with one movement the generous storage container opens up, with the second, the bed base lifts up so the bed can be made quickly and easily.

Mod. 8

Maya Mod. 8, an evergreen by Twils.

The corner configuration is truly complete and flexible. The two beds can become three. There is a handy storage container or two large practical drawers. There are comfortable orthopaedic mattresses, there’s fabric, colour and imagination. There is all the creative spirit of the Maya range by Twils.

More than twenty years ago, we created the flowing lines of Maya Mod. 8, our evergreen bed. Many people have tried to copy it, as always happens with hit products. But Mod. 8 is by Twils and Twils alone.

Trasformable beds

Aesthetics, design and functionality, the winning combination forming the cornerstone of the Twils transformable beds, solutions to increase the available space within the bedroom.
The widest and most versatile range of solutions, inspiring creativity and fulfilling the functional needs of any living space, with remarkable modularity capable of generating multiple configurations for an infinite number of home living possibilities.

The Twils transformable beds are designed to optimize space, play with shapes, and create a home environment that provides space for sharing during the day, but which become intimate and comfortable when transformed into a sleeping area at night. All with a touch of style, functionality and, of course, imagination.

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