The quintessential sofa. Classic shapes have been fine-tuned to suit contemporary tastes, in a clean-cut form that is mellowed by the softness of ample feather cushions.
The design focuses on comfort, which here is provided by a linear, geometric headrest that can be freely fitted on the edge of the backrest. Alterna-tively roll cushions can be used. They perform a similar role but have a freer, more casual appearance.

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As with all the most understated sofas, it is the choice of colours and materials that adds real visual character to Raphael. A part on this front is also played by flexible composition and the chance to customize the dimensions and functions. The structure hovering above the floor, the geometric shape and the raw-edged detailing in the seams on the cushions and armrests make this sofa a contemporary addition to any setting, while ensuring it remains an absolute classic.

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Irene Sartor

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Marco Tonet
Nicola Carpene
Simone De Gasperin

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