Twils Better living

15 Septembre 2020

Imagine yourself lying on the grass under the leafy branches of a tree. Few situations give such intense and true pleasure. That’s because looking afar, towards the sky, immersed in nature, is what we were born, for even if we often forget it.

    A tree is part of the present and also the past and life which is regenerated season after season.

It embodies beauty and majesty without the laboriousness of artifice. It embodies the complexity of perfect and invisible processes that are, however, essential to existence, without the cumbersome presence of technologies invented by man.

A tree embodies the territory, the roots of tradition, but also the universality of nature, a cog wheel within a global eco-system of which we have always been part.

    A tree also embodies a perfect design project: it unites form, function, memory, future, meaning, dream and wellbeing. It lasts forever and adapts to changes. And the forest – the coming together of lots of trees – is like a wonderful home, which protects yet liberates, pacifies, helps to think, doubt, understand, dream.

    We do not presume to be completely like trees. That would be showing off, which is not part of our culture.

On the contrary, we have chosen trees as a metaphor of our commitment, as a company representing Italian design and quality, to a better – more essential, significant, authentic, flexible – way of enjoying a dwelling.
A Better Living, which starts with the creative direction of Matteo Ragni.

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