Forest M9

Museum M9, Mestre

Some of the photos in this catalogue were taken at a very special location: “Forest M9. A landscape of ideas, community and future”, the first temporary exhibition of 2021 at M9, the Museum of the 20th Century in Mestre.

The installation on the third floor of the museum featured over six hundred tree species and two hundred trees up to four metres high and, in the mind of curators Luca Molinari and Claudio Bertorelli, symbolized the close relationship Venice and the Veneto have always had with their woodlands.

This bond is strong at Twils too, whose roots are in the Veneto and its nature, industry and artisan tradition.

An occasion to experience our concept of Better Living first-hand and our commitment to promoting and protecting our local area.

Whether it is configured as a complex, winding element for the contract industry, or a love sofa at home, with backrests which can be either deep or very narrow, and the drop element that acts as a footrest or daybed, T—Pad is at home in any room.

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Sviluppo grafico Webkolm

Irene Sartor

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Marco Tonet
Nicola Carpene
Simone De Gasperin

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Piero Carniel (Webkolm)
Ilaria Giglio