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Camaleo Matrimoniale

Camaleo Matrimoniale


Bed: Camaleo Matrimoniale ​

Design: Studio Thesia Progetti


You decide how you want Camaleo to look to match your needs or imagination. With easy-to-assemble elements in contemporary colours and upholstered accessories which can be personalised with the fabrics in the Twils range. Plus your imagination, of course. 


Start the creative game

Just choose the colour of the structure and type of upholstery for the headboard (smooth, textured, padded) and your Camaleo bed is ready. Then choose the bed linen, cushions and accessories to further customise Camaleo until you have a colourful or monochrome bed, with soft or crisp lines, in keeping with your taste and style.

Camaleo Matrimoniale
Camaleo Matrimoniale
Camaleo Matrimoniale
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